KRiSTA (doodlepony) wrote,

92. crashing

I had a dream that I was with some guy I hated and we always fought. I think he was Hushtali in the dream, just to put a face to the dream person.
Bad shit happened, got into a huge fight right before he had to leave for work.
So I call my parents, and they bring me home to grab some suitcases so I can bring all my dolls home (lol, what). Abandon his shit, just leave.
We get home, but we live at this corner house in my neighborhood instead of my actual house. We wait for dad to get back from somewhere, or someone for something. I can't recall.
My dad talks to the neighbors outside. As they talk, a car starts coming down the street completely out of control and pulling another car with it. No one is driving it. It crashes a parked car, and everyone freaks out. Then we hear my dad yell out something along the lines of "run/wolf/attack". There's a fucking big wolf going after everyone- but then it turns into a giant wild cat (not sure what or why specifically). They all climb a big tree, I float there because in my dreams I can snap my fingers and do what the fuck I want. I wake up as I'm fighting the cat on the treetops, but I'm not winning.

Your dream of a car crash is symbolic of an emotional problem in your own life that is out of control.

Usually dreaming of a wolf represents a symbol of loyalty.
Wild animals, especially if threatening, mean you feel out of control in a situation.

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